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Seattle animal chiropractic

Better health for your animal, from the inside out.

1701 2nd Ave N Seattle, WA 98109

located in The Chiropractic Clinic

Open Monday-Saturday by appointment only

For information on chiropractic care for your pet, please call 206.678.3851


Joshua Shideler, DC


Dr. Joshua Shideler has always loved animals. After graduating from Life University with a doctor of chiropractic degree, he wanted to be able to give the gift of better health and quality of life to animals as well as people. 

He attended Parker University's Animal Chiropractic Program, a drug-free approach to pet healthcare focusing on the nervous system. This program provides a unique opportunity to veterinarians and chiropractors to advance clinical practice knowledge, technical skills, and specialized training in the care of animals.

Upon completion of this program and a board certification exam, Dr. Shideler became board-certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. He practices in the Upper Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle, easily accessible by I-5 and Hwy 99. 




Does my animal need chiropractic care?


Why chiropractic care for my pet?

When animals are healthy, they bring endless love, joy, and fun into the lives of their families. Chiropractic care for animals is a proactive way to maximize your pet's health. Much like feeding your pet a raw-food or grain-free diet to ensure optimal health, chiropractic care is a good way to restore function in your animal and ensure good spinal biomechanics, nervous system communication, and overall body function.


How can I tell if my animal needs to be adjusted?

Here are some things to look for that will help you recognize a potential need for an adjustment:

  • Your animal experiences pain or irritation when touched, petted, or lifted.
  • Your animal is reluctant or has difficulty climbing stairs or jumping.
  • Your animal has difficulty getting up after lying down.
  • Your animal exhibits negative changes in behavior or attitude.
  • Your animal shows apparent lameness or change in gait (the way it moves.)
  • Your animal has had changes in athletic performance.

This is not a complete list, but these behaviors usually indicate that your animal has an underlying imbalance in its body.


what other symptoms can improve with chiropractic care?

Animal chiropractic may be appropriate in the treatment of:

  • Neck, back, leg, and tail pain
  • Muscle spasms or nerve problems
  • Disc or joint problems
  • Injuries from slips, falls, and accidents
  • Any recurring conditions such as vomiting, respiratory or urinary infections, diarrhea or constipation
  • Jaw, TMJ problems, difficulty chewing
  • Seizures or neurological problems

What ages of animals benefit from chiropractic care?

Animals of all ages benefit from regular chiropractic care. When older dogs get adjusted, oftentimes their owners report that their dog got its "inner puppy" back. Grouchy cats often become less moody and more playful. Horses can run well again after years of poor performance. Watching animals regain their function and vitality never gets old. It's a great way to increase their quality of life and keep them healthy. Our pets are worth it!


Do animals like getting adjusted?

Animals LOVE getting adjusted. Most of the time, the change in your pet's demeanor is noticeable immediately. Schedule an appointment today to see what chiropractic care can do for your pet!